Great question!

For us, a wild project is…

…a DIY project made from scratch.

…thrilling, exciting and extraordinary.

…a creation that tells a unique, personal story.

…basically, an amazing, jaw-dropping project!

At ManoMano, we believe that DIY isn’t just limited to your home or garden. We want to bring inspiring, crazy and fun projects into the spotlight so that others can relive the many emotions that you felt whilst creating it!

A wild project is, above all, a state of mind – you need a hint of madness to embark on an adventure like this! We’re looking for people who are capable of stepping up and overcoming challenges… just for the fun of it. We’re not just looking for the perfect DIY story, we want to see the honesty behind the scenes: the overcome failures, frustrations, time spent, moments of self-denial, patience and tenacity.  

If that sounds right up your street, then we can’t wait for you to get in touch!

THE AMAZING MAKING OF is a web series depicting DIYers who have started amazing, wild projects.
The idea is to share the stories of those incredible makers, doers, inventors, and creators across 5 European countries by giving them the visibility that they deserve. Each winner will become the star of their own episode – amazing, right?!

It all starts with a competition, where you can submit your wild and wacky projects.

If your project is chosen to represent your country, the team from ManoMano will contact you to prepare the interview and filming for the show. Some time after, a small film crew (of around 3 people) and a video journalist will meet with you and start filming your project.

During the filming, we want to present you, your project and how you went about embarking on your wild challenge. Rest assured, at no time do we intervene in your project; we are simply there to showcase what you do so well!  

*Bonus point: It would be a great advantage for us if you filmed yourself throughout the project as we could integrate this into our final cut!

The web series, as its name depicts, is destined for online stardom. It will be broadcast on YouTube and shared across ManoMano’s social media.

It’s easy peasy – you just need to click on any one of the buttons on our The Amazing Making Of website and fill in the form. Here, there or there (we told you it was easy!).


To be eligible for the show, your project must already be in progress/well underway.

Unfortunately, given our production time limits, we cannot support projects that are still just at design or conception level – even if they really are totally wild.


The competition is open from the 24th May to 24th June 2018.


Our jury will choose one project per country listed here: the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

You can even enter with a group of fellow makers, if you like! There are no limits to the number of people involved in creating your project. Although, for the purposes of filming, the episode will focus on the project leader and two or three key people.

The winners will be informed by email or telephone.

The winners will be announced publicly on the 2nd July 2018.


We’re looking forward to seeing what sort of crazy, wild and amazing projects you bring to the table!


Good luck!